ANDRES BRETEL (June 24, 1978)

Born in Lima, Perú. Audio Engineer, Producer, Composer, Bass and Guitar Player.

He started his career as a musician playing bass with Nativo Sol, a mid 90’s band from Lima, Perú. Since then, he’s played (either bass or guitar, as a member or guest) with the most relevant artists from Perú like Madre Matilda, Carlos Salas, Era, Cantautoras, TK, Gaia and Space Bee.

After graduating as an Audio Engineer in 1999, he officially started his career as a producer with Gaia’s first album “Solar De Sara” (Morrison Records 2003). Since then, Andrés Bretel, has worked with most of the best bands and artists from Perú doing production, arrangements, engineering, mixing and mastering (depending on the demands of the project). His work has always being critically acclaimed and well received by the listeners.